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September 16, 2018


What’s your crystal quality? Optic K9 grade crystal is known as the most perfect crystal and is the whitest crystal. Optic K9 grade crystal must not have any imperfections that could cause a low-quality product. We name as k9crystal, of course, offers the highest quality optic K9 grade crystal and therefore the resulting product is […]

September 16, 2018

knine crystal Samples advises !

Creat your Personalized 3d photo crystal, crystal awards, crystal paperweights Knine crystal was good at custom creatain of many types  and have a long years experience servie for our client on custom projects ,Speicaliztion on custom crystal logo ,custom crystal awards ,custom crystal trophies ,custom glass awards ,custom glass trophies ,custom crystal gifts ,customs crystal paperweights […]

k9 crystal blank shape
September 13, 2018

what is the k9 crystal, why we call it as k9 crystal???

What is the k9 crystal? actually it’s need called it as k9 crystal glass ,or k9 glass crystal. According to American ASTM C162-89, crystal glass is defined as a high-transparency, colorless glass commonly used in the manufacture of art or tableware. According to this definition, Cristallo, Bohemian potassium-calcium crystals and Crystalex and lead crystals should […]

2d/3d laser engraving, crystal awards, crystal paperweight gifts, crystal trophies, k9 crystal blank shape
September 12, 2018

The principle of 2d/3d laser engraving.

  The principle of laser engraving is actually very simple. The laser should be able to engrave the glass. Its energy density must be greater than a certain threshold, or thresholds enough for destroying the glass. The energy density of the laser at some point is related to the size of the spot at that […]

sandblast etching