GLass plaques

white glass plaque or jade glass palques,blank glass plaques

rectangle edge decoration glass trophy plaque

processing on the 10mm flat glass sheet .it's all around wide edge decoration design,large area enough for your logo or inscription personalized engraving,the glass bass also follow the design with the top cube, all around wide edge decoration .four plastic foot-pad bottom on glass base which more stable on each desk.

Diamond glass trophy plaque

the glass base and glass trophy plaque ,all going with the 10mm's white flat glass. ,diamond spire shape ,all around with wide edge deocration , left-right symmetric type ,glass base with high strength UV-GLUE to support diamond shape trophy standing steady,four pieces of plastic foot-pad can avoiding the glass base scratched.large area with this design can good place for your logo and text.easy package

Round glass trophy plaque

Round glass trophy plaque,simple roundness with edged glass base,with 4 side plastic footber,it's blank round glass trophy plaque which allows you make logo and text engraved as your wishes

Arc shaped glass trophy

arch shape of glass trophy plaque,handful job ,wide edged decoration with around arch glass,it's from 8mm flat glass sheet,the circular shape of the upper part of the arch of glass is very right. this good arch only done by experienced skill-worker. it's stand-up on glass base with the same design on top,wide edged decoration glass base. 4 piece of plastic foot-pad at the bottom of glass base.( the sample looks miss a little ,but we sure the batch will no missing,just use this pictures ). easy package,free sample for your confirmation .