July 18, 2018

how to tell the difference with natural crystal ball or optical crystal ball

double way to checking the crystal ball be real natural crystal ball.

the following methods are just a few popular ways on our circle,

1, Natural glass ball usually have cotton-like inclusions, but the artificial glass ball not it,

1,Method of using Human hair inspection,Check with the hair, only for round crystal ball, put the crystal ball on top of a hair, your eye see through the crystal ball that the hair is two shadowns, yeah, it’s right, it’s based the natural crystal has birefringence. this way can difference with the natrual crystal ball with artificial crystal ball.

2, MOhs hardness, the natural crystal ball hardness 7, but the hardness of artificial crystal ball only 5.5-6, if the two ard drawn together, there are no scratches on the top of the natural crystal.

3,Tongue with tongue, Even on a hot summer day, use your tongue to rub the surface of a natural crystal ball, you will feel a feeling of nice and cool, but the artificial glass ball can’t have this feeling.

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