September 12, 2018

The principle of 2d/3d laser engraving.

bird laser engraved in crystal blocks


The principle of laser engraving is actually very simple. The laser should be able to engrave the glass. Its energy density must be greater than a certain threshold, or thresholds enough for destroying the glass. The energy density of the laser at some point is related to the size of the spot at that point. The same laser beam, the smaller the spot. The greater the energy density produced by the place. In this way, by proper focusing, the energy density of the laser can be lower than the glass break threshold before entering the glass and reaching the processing zone, and the laser exceeds this threshold in the region where the processing is desired, and the laser generates pulses in a very short time. Its energy can thermally rupture the crystal in an instant, resulting in a very small white spot, carved into the glass inside the predetermined shape, while the rest of the glass or crystal remains intact.

3d laser machine wroking

The laser engraving machine first converts the 2D or 3D image/portrait into Lattice cloud image through dedicated point cloud conversion software, and then controls the position of the crystal and the output of the laser through the laser control software according to the arrangement of the points. At a specific position, the focused laser will produce small blasting points inside the crystal, and a large number of small blasting points will form an image/portrait to be engraved.3d laser crystal processing



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