September 13, 2018

what is the k9 crystal, why we call it as k9 crystal???

What is the k9 crystal?

actually it’s need called it as k9 crystal glass ,or k9 glass crystal.

According to American ASTM C162-89, crystal glass is defined as a high-transparency, colorless glass commonly used in the manufacture of art or tableware. According to this definition, Cristallo, Bohemian potassium-calcium crystals and Crystalex and lead crystals should be included. But few people now regard Venice’s crystallo as crystal glass, which has basically become a historical term.

K9 crystal is also called K9 glass (also refers to glass products made of K9 material). It belongs to optical glass and is mainly used in optical coating and other fields. Transmittance, refractive effect, hardness and texture are much higher than resin materials.

k9 crystal glass element:SiO2=69.13% B2O3=10.75% BaO=3.07% Na2O=10.40% K2O=6.29% As2O3=0.36%

optical constant : refractive index =1.51630 dispersion =0.00806 abbe number =64.06

As can be seen above, K9 did not contain lead .

K9 crystal Processing ,

Processing mainly consists of cutting, grinding, polishing or pressure casting (A furnace is required). K9 crystal glass gifts always shining crystal clear, K9 crystal glass manufacturer  based on k9 crystal glass can be simply shaped out blank crystal as wishes ,easy customized with text and images on the surface or even in the inside of the glass, At home and abroad’s market loved this kind of crystal paperweights very muc.k9 crystal material widely used to customized crystal awards, 3d crystal images,

why is k9 crystal ?

Therefore, many factories processing based on K9 glass and their products are called k9 crystal crafts on the china market.and it’s wide sold into worldwide, so if you want to find high quality of this kind of crystal ,just find with k9 crystal, special you want to find the k9 crystal blank going with 3d laser engraved, Must be the k9 crystal glass blank, now everyone call it as k9 crystal blank, or k9 optical crystal. It’s our industry convention .

what’s the price of k9crystal in China market.

The price per kilogram is USD3-5/KG (For reference only, there is a certain big difference according to different grades).

what’s the colors of k9crystal in China market.Pink k9 crystal glass



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